Patio, Natural Stone and Decking cleaning

Patio and Natural Stone Cleaning

We pressure clean crazy paved patios, coloured slabs and all natural stone patio and the transformation can be dramatic. The  structure of crazy paved surfaces makes them prone to significant and stubborn algae growth as well as layers of dirt that ingrains into the pores of the stone, using our high pressure washing equipment will remove all moss and algae growth and totally refresh and brighten the stone as all dirt is also removed.

The latest installations of Indian sandstone patios and pathways have transformed the landscaping industry and the stone  has massive appeal due to the amount of finishes and colours. The stone will however soon attract black algae which in-beds itself into the structure of the stone it looks like black spot or like a black misting. We can prevent this spoiling your beautifully coloured stone by applying as soon after installation as possible a clear solvent free impregnating sealer that will protect and seal for up to 10 years. We can of course pressure wash your patio and then apply a sealer to protect from algae, oil, wine and bbq fats.

Decking Cleaning and Oiling

Decking looks fabulous when new but whilst the timbers rarely deteriorate the surface soon looks tired as foot traffic deposits mud and dirt and if located in areas that are shady then algae growth soon detracts from the appeal and makes the surface extremely slippery.

We can, with our variable pressure washing equipment, come in and fully clean and restore tired, dirty, slippery decking bringing back that fine finish that you found so attractive when it was first installed. Once the area has been fully cleaned down it is left for several days to dry out prior to applying Liberon decking oil to completely protect and keep the timbers naturally oiled.

If you a have a patio or decked  surface that is looking tired and neglected and you don't have the time or suitable equipment to bring it back to a surface that looks pristine and welcoming then call us on 08001697525 or 07759353448.

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Our patio and natural stone  cleaning along with our decking cleaning covers the whole county of Surrey and South London including Dorking, Woking, Ashford, Reigate, Cobham, Ascot, Epsom, Carshalton, Leatherhead, Banstead, Ashtead, Carshalton, Dorking, Kingston upon Thames, Walton-upon-Thames, Esher, Weybridge, Cobham, Crawley, East Grinstead.